Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cache Orange Leather Jacket

One of my favorite pieces (ever) is my orange leather jacket from Cache and I love using it as my transition piece from summer to fall. Because of its color, it can easily be a summer/spring piece but because Atlanta gets scorching hot in the summer, I never get the opportunity to wear it. With that being said, we are now approaching September and I can finally wear it while still using summer colors and combining it with popular trendy colors for the fall- like purple!

Don't be afraid to wear different colors together-
Color blocking is a statement for all seasons!

I love color blocking so I paired my leather jacket with red skinny pants with zipper detailing and purple top with ruffles. I used the same purple bag from my last post.

The orange in this jacket is flexible with many types of jewelry- gold or copper works really well with it. My copper necklace and belt really compliment the red and orange and connects them to each other.

The belt adds sparkle to an all bold color outfit
Feel free to play with jewelry and add on while color blocking!

Jacket- Cache
Top- Express
Jeans- LOFT
Shoes- Guess
Bow ring- Forever21
Purse and ribbon- Coach
Sunglasses- Prada
Purple stone ring- vintage
Necklace- Boutique

I can't get enough of this jacket so stay tuned to see how I wear it next with cowboy boots!!!

Xoxo LD



  1. Where did you get that belt? I had a similar one in silver that my mom gave me but I broke it and have been trying to find another one ever since.

    P/S I like your blog!

    1. My belt is from LOFT- it is a couple seasons ago but that is a staple they always bring back, just in different colors.
      And thank you :)