Sunday, August 19, 2012

Statement Necklace

I had to attend an event where the dress code was "business casual." Most people struggle with dressing for these events. I always recommend picking one statement piece, whether it is a piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes, or a belt and dress your outfit around that piece.

I chose a statement necklace from the LOFT Collection Jewelry, and I wore a simple crisp white shirt (from Victoria's Secret) with silk-ish tie up pants. I stuck to neutral tones since it was a more 'professional' event and completed my look with patent leather nude peep-toe sling-back high heels and my Big Buddha flower purse!
LOFT Collection Flower Necklace

For those of us who hate to tuck in our shirts, I recommend these body-suits from Victoria's Secret! You can get them from here:

Victoria's Secret Body-Suit

My Big Buddha flower purse added the right amount of feminity and glamour to my neutral toned outfit. You can find it online- Big Buddha Mia Collection
Big Buddha Mia Flower Purse

And here is the outcome:

Statement Necklace Outfit

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