Monday, September 17, 2012

Military Vest and Neon Yellow

For the second installation of my "For My Love of Neon" segment, I wanted to show how to wear a tennis ball-yellow in a 'fall' outfit. Even over the summer, some are weary in wearing such bright neon yellows but it goes so well with many different neutral colors- black, brown, white, purples, taupe.... Military vests and buttons are a recurring trend that never goes out of style and it is one of my favorite trends most people can easily wear!

I dressed around my neon yellow tank- I toned it down with black skinny jeans, a taupe military vest, taupe suede booties and a statement necklace and my flower cuff.

You can wear more than one 'statement' accessory piece with neutral colors
Feel free to wear feminine flowers with other trends-
 military details and flowers can compliment each other
A cinched vest can be very slimming
the more layers, the better it is for fall! When it doubt, layer on...

Ruching can be very slimming because it cinches your waste. I love ruching in almost anything and when positioned properly, it can easily shed 5 pounds... Vests are also extremely easy to layer and they are also on trend.

Vest- Wet Seal
Tank and jeans- LOFT
Flower Cuff- LOFT Collection Jewelry

Photos by Lewis Farmer- email me for contact info

Keep styling your neons in the fall, they're too great to put away!

Happy styling,


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