Thursday, September 6, 2012

Orange Jacket and Sequin Tee

I love this jacket because of its versatility. I cannot stress enough how flexible a leather jacket like this can be! It is truly a great investment for your closet because you can wear it in any season, day or night!
This time, I wanted to show how to transition this jacket to wear going out. I went to watch the Auburn/Clemson game so I wore this jacket with navy to match the school colors. But either way, to transition a colored piece for the night, I suggest going with dark colors. Navy, brown and black are good choices. I stayed away from black so I don’t look too Halloween-y.
I wore a sequin tee with silver undertones over my dark crystallized jeans! I stuck to silver since my sequin tee has silver in it and wore a long pendant necklace and silver heels! You can find many sequin tees in different colors here.
Transition a colored leather jacket into the night
Wear it with darker colors
Another Trend I love are Metallic Details! Here is how I incorporated that into my outfit. Metallics are perfect for going out! 

I love Metallic details!
I love these dark jeans because of their crystal details and for a night like this, they add the right amount of bling. You can find my Swarovski True Religion crystal jeans here.
Swarovski True Religion crystal jeans
Feel free to pile on bracelets if you roll up your sleeves


Trends like leather and metallics are amazing and easily worn can be combined with other details! You can also transfer them into different seasons! Stay tuned to see how I mix more leather into my outfits.
Xoxo LD

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