Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sequin Collar and Camo Pants

One of my favorite staples is my skinny camo pants. The pattern is flexible to wear with blacks or browns, other patterns, color and neons. I love these pants and wanted to show an edgier look to my sequin collar shirt from LOFT.

I belted it to add a little curvature and wore my dark green and black stilettos with gold studs to add a little hardware to my outfit.

Style a feminine sequin top with camo pants and studded heels
The majority of the beads on my shirt are gold and my shoes have gold studs on them so I wore my gold bangle set and two rings. I didn't want to overwhelm this outfit with jewelry since the pants are patterned and the shirt is bejeweled so I stuck to simpler accessories.

Dark green and black heels with gold studs and a black purse with gold studs
It is easy to mix patterns with neutral or like colors

Pants- Victoria's Secret
Shoes- Colin Stuart
Purse- Louis Vuitton circa 2008

Stay tuned to see how I dress up this sequin tee!

Happy styling!

Xoxo LD


  1. Perfect skin fit camo pants, loving your complete outfit, these must be expensive, gonna check them in my local area market, lets see if i can find the exact same or not.

    1. Thank you! I bought the pants from Victoria Secret! They weren't more than $80 I think... And the shirt was from LOFT and I got it on sale for about $30! Very affordable outfit :)