Friday, October 5, 2012

The Diaries of a Southern lady

Another reason why I chose this skirt as my Peplum investment is because of how versatile it is. Today I wore it with my cowboy boots and hat, an off white jeweled halter top to add a rustic look and copper jewel tones to tone it all down while adding more color and bling.

My best accessory, however, was not my boots, hat or copper jewelry. In fact, 2 incredibly gorgeous Paint horses, Blue and Pippie were the stars of my shoot!

Blue and I
Peplum, copper, cowboy boots and a hat = perfection
Copper Details
Pippie and I

Texture, patter and color

The real stars to my shoot

You can take the girl out of the barn but you can never take it out of her heart
Skirt- INC at Macys
Shirt- LOFT (sold out)
Hat and boots- boutique in Dallas Texas
Copper ring- JCP
Copper hoops and bracelet- from Turkey
Sunglasses- LOFT
Purse- Coach


  1. what a cute outfit! i especially love the color of your skirt! glad to know it can be found at macy's! also, i see that you live in atlanta so there's a good chance i might find it at my very own macy's (i live in atlanta, too)! :)

    have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! I love this color as well because it works perfectly with black/brown/navy and bright colors! I got it at the Macys in Northpoint and you can also order it online.
      Ps: I loved your blog! Especially your 'about me' section!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. CUTE! I really love the shirt the most, the small details in it are hot. The wedges are cute, but Im not huge on labels….as in the letters printed anywhere. Still cute look tho.sell diamonds atlanta