Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Equestrian Arts

As I've mentioned before, Ralph Lauren's Collection magazine is one of my biggest inspirations. Equestrian is a really popular trend and I love incorporating it into my everyday life. I understand not everyone can afford RL's amazing clothes and designs (I know I can't!) but we can still get inspired from his collection and put our own spin to it.

So I wore my LOFT Jean leggings with my tall brown boots and an INC silk halter top with horse bits on it. To complete the equestrian look, I added my MNG blazer and used rose gold accessories!

I suggest everyone look at his Collection for inspiration!
Issue III Fall 2012
Here are my favorites from his Equestrian Collection:

Blazer- MNG Mango
Denim Leggings (Jeggings)- LOFT
Shirt- INC at Macys
Boots- ABOUND from Nordstrom (color: cognac) (this is really similar, and so is this)
Purse- Prada
Jewelry- Rose gold (find similar here)


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