Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunshine Skirt

Colored bottoms are very popular for the Spring. Atlanta teased us last weekend with incredible weather and now it is pretty cold and rainy again so I decided to brighten up my day with my (very) yellow skirt from LOFT. 

I've had this top for years and I was really excited to see that the yellow was the same shade and tone as my skirt! It's a pretty short skirt so I decided to add some extra fabric with this tiered top- it makes showing a lot of leg more acceptable. I also wore my thick leather belt with a silver buckle to give myself some shape since tiered tops have a potential to engulf.

Photos by the fabulous Madalina

Cardigan- Ann Taylor
Blouse- LOFT (but so old)
Belt- Custom made
Skirt- LOFT (now $49.99 and there's a 50% off promo!)
Shoes- Cathy Jean (was $49.99- now it's $15- crazy!)
Purse- Prada
Bracelets- Boutique

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